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Cyr C. Delicious



In her early days, Cyr C. Délicieuse incorporated, in a self-taught manner, fire dances during her theatrical creations.

Then she meets Juliette Dragon (burlesque artist and internationally renowned performer) who teaches her the basics of dance and fire juggling.

From then on, Cyr C. Délicieuse worked on handling the hands of fire, clubs, fans, umbrella ...

She also trained with jugglers and performers, street artists in particular in Paris, Toulouse, Aurillac, and recently with the professional organization GardeFeu in Montreal.


Eager to understand and master all aspects of this burning art and its dangers, she obtained her diploma in fireworks (C4T2) ; then its SSIAP 1 (Fire Safety and Personal Assistance Service).

She is a fireworks (level II) recognized by the French state, working with different fireworks companies.


In 2017, she joined the Eden Creative company (multidisciplinary performing arts) and performed with them at various festivals and events.

In 2018, it was part of the Ardent Cabaret by the organization GardeFeu (Montréal).

Cyr C. Délicieuse - Fire

Cyr C. Délicieuse - Fire

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