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Le Sort de Circé (mutatis mutandis) - Juliette

Cyr C. Délicieuse

"Your dreams come true, the Bewitching Cyr C. Délicieuse
Put a spell on you. "

A multidisciplinary artist trained in the performing arts from a very young age, having worked with internationally renowned artists (Ariane Mnouchkine, Simon Abkarian, Kitten de Ville, Juliette Dragon, Dirty Martini, Jinny Jacinto, Louis Fortier, Le Théâtre du Soleil , Vidhya Subramania, Jean-Jacques Lemêtre,…).


In 2013, fascinated by the worlds of the circus, cabarets and burlesque, Cyriel created Cyr C. Délicieuse, her captivating double.

Word game between the witch Circe from Greek mythology, featured in Homer's "Odyssey";

and in tribute to Lily St Cyr , feminist, actress and burlesque performer of the 50s.


Her initiation will be with the great lady of French and Parisian burlesque: Juliette Dragon and her Cabaret des Filles de Joie ;

with Kitten De Ville international star of the burlesque world, who brought this art up to date, on the methods of "Bump'n Grind";

then with Dirty Martini & Mimi Le Meaux internationally renowned burlesque performers and famous actresses

from the film "Tournée" by Mathieu Amalric; as well as with Peekaboo Pointe.


Cyr C. Délicieuse's shows are engaged, feminist, poetic and dreamlike.


She plays with the great female references from History, literature and the artistic world

(Circe, Lilith, Marie-Madeleine, Aileen Wuornos, Jessica Rabbit, ...).

Out of conventions and labels, Cyr C. Délicieuse creates many burlesque shows in all styles

(cabaret, burlesque, new burlesque, performance).



"I like the burlesque scene because it reaches a wider and heterogeneous audience than that of the theater. They are more attentive, receptive and full of positive vibrations that they communicate to the artists with enthusiasm, energy and a lot of love . "


"All forms of art and expression are found in the world of burlesque. There are masks, puppets,

fire, circus, painting, ... It's a short and intense scene. In a few seconds you have to catch the audience,

bring him into his world and take him on a journey. It's impactful! "



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